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Choosing Skis

New technology has designed skis that are much more shapely and wider. All of our skis are shaped. Most new skis have a narrow waist with wider tips and tails. Because of the radical sidecuts, ski lengths are dramatically shorter than in the past. The shaped skis are easier to carve turns and stop. Shorter skis are much easier to learn on and help speed up the learning curve.

Skis are measured in centimeters (cm). Your ski length will depend on your ability, height and weight. A shop employee will help you decide on the appropriate length. Remember, shorter is usually better when learning. You can always move up.

Fat skis are designed for skiing powder and chopped-up snow. They tend to be wider and have less sidecut than shaped skis. Twintips are great for the terrain park and off-piste skiing.

If your boots don’t fit right, you are not going to have fun. Take the time to make sure your boot is properly fitted. There are a number of different styles of boots to accommodate different types of feet.

When trying on boots, start with a good ski sock. Cotton socks are the enemy, and never wear more than one pair of any socks. A wool or synthetic sock will keep your feet warmer and will wick away any moisture. Buckle your boots snugly before deciding that they don’t fit right. The fit should be snug with your toes lightly touching the front of the boot. Your heel should remain in place when you flex your knee and ankle forward into the boot, and your toes should pull away slightly from the front. The boot should fit snug all over. You will not be able to control your skis with a boot that is too big or sloppy.

Bindings hold your boots to the skis and are designed to release when you need them to during a fall. The binding release settings are dependent on your height, weight, age, ability and boot size. The ski technician will set your bindings based on the information you provide us.

Poles are used to help you with your balance and rhythm while skiing. Adult beginners will need poles, however children generally do not start learning with poles. Pole length is based on your height and the technician will select the proper length for you.

Things to Remember

First-time skiers should always take a lesson from a qualified instructor. A lesson will help you learn much faster and you probably won't be as sore the next day.

The ski areas offer a variety of lessons for all ages and abilities. Call ahead to the resort to find out about beginner lessons and any special deals that might be available. www.winterparkresort.com or www.granbyranch.com for lesson info.

Helpful Tips

Go to the rental shop the day before your first day on the hill, either in the late morning or early afternoon. It will be less crowded and you won’t feel rushed.

Discuss your riding experience with the technician. If you've never been on a snowboard, say that. Be truthful about your ability, it will help the technician set you up with the appropriate equipment.