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Group Rates & Rentals

Group Rental Information

We have over 1500 pairs of skis and over 500 snowboards. Our store is designed to accommodate large groups. We are located in Fraser, with plenty of parking for buses.

For groups of 15 or more, book in advance to guarantee the best package possible for each group member; this will also reduce the time it takes to pick up the equipment! Booking in advance will save time, ensure you receive your specific equipment and make reservations easier.

Groups of 50 or more are eligible for an additional discount. Please contact us to receive more information.

For group reservations made less than two weeks in advance, you MUST call Ski Broker to ensure equipment will be available and that we have staff on hand to provide quick and efficient service when you arrive. You can reach us at 970.726.8882 or by email at skibroker@wpskibroker.com.

Group Forms (Over 50 People)

Please call Ski Broker for instructions/details on how we handle groups. We also want to be prepared in advance with plenty of staff scheduled to get your group on the slopes quicker. 

Group Intro Letter

Group Rental Info

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